First established Slovenian orienteering club OK Tivoli back in 1988 has a turbulent history. Today club counts 49 members, and especially in recent times many new members come. In the past two years, we carried out an orienteering school at the elementary school OŠ Kašelj and OŠ Polje this fall we expand our operation in the OŠ Dol. Of course, members come from other schools, where we do not carrying out orienteering school.

It is a fact that young people have a wide variety of sports available. Orienteering is a challenging because we need to know something about it before we enter independently in the "terrain". This may be hard for many people, and decisive, because they are not used of forest. So we inspire young people step by step; slowly upgrade orienteering basics, then drive young people in beginners classes ... Once they are independent, they can easily enter in class of their age.